Moringa Serum
Moringa Serum
Moringa Serum
Moringa Serum
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Moringa Serum

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Our Moringa Serum is perfect for all hair and skin types, but it’s especially helpful for those with dry skin. Too much sun exposure or dry weather can cause dryness on the scalp. Our Moringa Serum is a natural antiseptic that works to maintain a healthy scalp while preventing dandruff and slowing hair loss. It’s made with high quality oils that effectively moisturize your hair and skin cells.

Features & Benefits:

  • - Moisturizes your skin, hair and scalp
  • - Anti-bacterial properties reduce scalp buildup
  • - Stimulates hair growth in bald spots and thinning areas of hair If you have sensitive skin, this product might potentially cause an allergic reaction.

Other Benefits:

  • -Anti aging
  • -healing
  • -promotes hair growth
  • -soothes the scalp
  • -seal moisture
  • -adds luster and shine
  • -tones skin
  • -assist in fading scars
  • -contains over 46 antioxidants


Consistency and color may vary due to natural ingredients. Effectiveness not compromised. Also, the scent will be the same for each product but may vary in intensity according to the batch that was produced.

We proudly use Fair Trade, Organic and Natural Vegetable Based Ingredients in all our products.

Note: Product not intended to remedy, treat or cure any conditions. External Use Only. If product gets into eyes, flush with water.

Shelf Life: 12 Months When Stored Correctly

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