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Chebe Hair Butter

Chebe Hair Butter

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NOURISH AND GROW strong, healthy hair with this 100% Natural African Chebe Butter made with Chebe Powder.

Chebe is an ancient herbal formulation traditionally used by the women in Chad to prevent hair breakage, and promote hair growth. The healing properties of this hair growth butter enhance follicle and shaft strength, resulting in long tresses.

 This rich formula also contains other essential oils and herbs to soften your hair, lock in moisture, and provide hair on-going nourishment. With added rosemary oil that promotes healthy hair growth, this butter is sure to give your curls the TLC it needs to thrive while also adding shine, a very light pleasant fragrance, and resulting in healthy looking and feeling hair

The NATURAL INGREDIENTS in this exclusive Chebe Butter aid in moisturizing and lubricating the hair which will deter breakage and promote growth.

Our Chebe Butter is perfect for growing long, black, nourished locks.



Features & Benefits:

-Helps Strong hair growth

-Helps with Long Hair 

-Helps build Dandruff free hair 

-Suitable for all hair types

-Helps with Hair breakage correction

-Reduces Shedding

-Significantly Moisturizes Dry Hair

-Increases Growth and Retains Length

-Moisturizing Sealant Butter.

- Strenghtens and protects your hair from Dryness & Breakage.

Shelf Life: 9 months when stored correctly


Ginger Extracts increases scalp circulation, resulting in the flow of blood to the scalp. Thus, it stimulates the hair follicles and encourages growth. The fatty acids present in ginger are beneficial for thin hair. It can actually prove to be the answer to your dandruff problems. This is because ginger has natural antiseptic properties that make it an ideal fit for taking down dandruff.

Chebe Powder: is touted for nourishing, hydrating, and improving moisture retention in the strands of hair. This, in turn, helps prevent breakage, which allows the hair to reach its full-length potential, while also encouraging thickness and improving curl definition.

Cloves powder: contains high concentrations of antioxidants and minerals that can help your hair grow and be stronger. They can be used to shield the scalp from dandruff, which is a key contributor to brittle and thin hair. In addition to anti-inflammatory compounds, cloves also promote hair thickness. In addition, it lessens hair loss.
Cloves' vitamin K content results in improved blood circulation, which promotes hair growth. Due to its anti-inflammatory qualities, it treats dandruff, flakes, and reduces the itching that comes with it.Due to its antioxidants, it also delays hair aging.

Rosemary significantly fortifies the bulbs, promotes hair development, and prevents hair thinning. It promotes quicker hair development and aids in the battle against dandruff. It is ideal for troublesome scalps since it lowers sebum production while maintaining the proper degree of sebum secretion. Along with enhancing shine and providing protection from pollutants, it also strengthens bulbs and the hair fiber along its length. It provides a gentle scalp cleanse because it has anti-inflammatory, purifying, and antibacterial effects.


1.Detangle and section using a wide tooth comb or finger tips

2.Distribute product evenly( allowing for every section of your hair to be evenly coated with styling Gel.

3.Style and dry your hair,works great for wash and go and Twist outs, allow your curls to form naturally


Raw Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Kokum Butter, Illipe Butter, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil,  Sesame Oil, Chebe Powder, Clove powder, castor oil, mustard seed oil, hemp seed oil, ginger root oil, fenugreek oil, neem oil, Amla oil, Indian Gooseberry, Indian Herbal Blend, Aloe Vera, Fenugreek, Ginger, Lavender, Rosemary, Orange, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Fragrance.


Effective On All Textured Hair Types

Consistency and color may vary due to natural ingredients. Effectiveness not compromised. Also, the scent will be the same for each product but may vary in intensity according to the batch that was produced.

We proudly use Fair Trade, Organic and Natural Vegetable Based Ingredients in all our products.

Note: Product not intended to remedy, treat or cure any conditions. External Use Only. If product gets into eyes, flush with water.

Store Hair Care Products in a Cool, Dry Place. May Be Refrigerated to extend product life but bring to room temperature before use.


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