Meet Our Founder


Kiki Ever Naturals was developed in 2017 by Kimberly Theodore  a Civil Engineer who has over 15 years’ experience in Cosmetology .After coloring the ends of her hair & noticing that her hair always lacked moisture and broke easily So she used the knowledge she had on hair care while doing further research and studies to create the products by trial and error to see what would work and get the precise measurement for each ingredient to be added to each product, and what phrase is best to add what ingredient. When this was done the products were passed on to her mother (Jillian Phillip) to try out as she is a professional cosmetologist with over 29 years’ experience, thus the products were introduced to  her clients and they  in turn liked the products as the results were amazing while some even surpass expectations, from there the brand Kiki Ever Naturals was birthed based on the encouragement from clients, friends and family members and a desire to help others achieve their Healthy Natural hair goals.  Our formulas are clean and free of harmful ingredients. We have sourced the best ingredients for naturally kinky hair and will continue to provide our customers with only the best!