What to do about shrinkage?

What to do about shrinkage?

How to Handle Shrinkage

All curl varieties experience shrinkage, as you undoubtedly already know. Even though shrinkage is unavoidable, you can consider several strategies to lessen it.


What does hair shrinkage mean first? When kinky, curly hair transitions from moist to dry, it shrinks, losing length. All type 3 and type 4 curls, some type 2 locks, and healthy type 1 hair typically have it that way. Because wet hair is weighed down and stretches and falls to its maximum length, this variation in length is the result. Inches of length are lost as hair dries.

Your hair has exceptional flexibility and doesn't break easily if you undergo shrinkage. Strong hair correlates to elasticity. If you have natural hair, shrinkage is a sign that heat or chemical treatments haven't harmed your hair. Your hair is in a healthy state if it can recover after being pulled.


The following advice will help you minimize shrinkage:


  1.  Blow Dry Your Roots

 Although you should exercise caution when applying heat to your hair, a decent  drier allows you to apply a heat protectant. I pluck out my roots and blow-dry with medium heat when my hair is at least 50% dry. A diffuser should  unquestionably be attached to your dryer if you want a lengthier look without flattening your curls in the process. For optimal results, apply it after your hair has air-dried halfway.


2. Use A Lot of Product

Some hair care products make your hair heavier, which will make it appear a little longer. The characteristics of beeswax and candelilla wax aid to protect your hair, lessen frizz, and, yes, even help to prevent shrinking. Try elongating stylers like our Lemon Gello curl definer styler if you frequently wear wash-and-go garments. Additionally, for goods whose front labels declare that they are "anti-frizz." Our anti-frizz product, Aloe Coco Moisturizing hair milk, was created by Curly Temple with the goal of minimizing shrinkage and smoothing the curl.


  1. Try Stretching Styles

One of the most effective techniques to get rid of shrinkage is to stretch your natural hair. A good stretching routine is also a protector. The African Threading Method, low buns, banding, twists, and braids are a few of these hairstyles. If you want to put a bit less heat on your hair, Bantu Knots are the ideal solution. They don't use any heat and don't call for any specialized style abilities to stretch out the hair. To avoid applying too much pressure to your head, ensure sure there is some space between your scalp and the knots.

4.Adore your Kinks & Curls

 Accept and embrace it rather than struggling against it and being frustrated! Keep in mind that shrinkage adds to your hair's adaptability and natural beauty. You could experiment with these hairstyles and stretching methods, but you should also consider ways to enjoy your shrinkage. You can be really versatile if you have natural hair. You can decide whether your hair will appear short or long, depending on your preference. That is the advantage of adaptability. How many other types of hair can make that claim?


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